Kindergarten – 2nd Grade


subject to change 

LUNCH: Student $6.00 • Adult $6.50
Extra Entrée w/ Lunch $4.00


BEVERAGES: Bottled Water 8 oz./16 oz. 75¢/$1.00
Milk 1/2 pint 75¢• Gatorade $1.00

A-LA-CARTE SNACKS: Fresh or Chilled Fruit 75¢
Fresh Baked Cookies, Assorted Chips,  Fresh
Baked ​Pretzel, Donut $1.00
Hershey’s Ice Cream $1.00/$2.00

3rd Grade – 6th Grade


subject to change 

Maschio’s Food Services provides our school lunches with less ​saturated fat and sodium and contain zero trans fat. Your ​child’s school lunch includes a wide variety of fruits, ​vegetables, and whole grain-rich food. Meal portions are ​designed for a child’s age andoffer a wide variety of healthy ​options. All meals include *grains/breads, meat/meat ​alternative, fruit/juice/vegetable, and refreshing milk.
View current month’s menu on WWW.FPSK6.NUTRISLICE.COM
Maschio’s uses a computerized point of sale system in the ​cafeteria. Online payment registration account is highly ​recommended and encouraged through Cash and checks, payable to ​Maschio’s, are also accepted.Funds remaining at the end of ​the school year are available for use in September or may be ​transferred to a sibling’s account. Any prepaid meals on a meal ​card from the previous year will automatically be put on the ​student’s account. Questions?  Contact Jacquie, or Richele,

Free & Reduced Meals Parents may apply at any time ​during the school year for free or reduced meals. ​Please contact your school board office for an ​application or visit your school district website.

Stevenson & Churchill Schools are a Peanut & ​Tree Nut Free Environment. Click/Tap here to view District’s Nut Free Policy.



Lunch must be ordered in advance by ​filling out a Google form:

Stevenson December Lunch Google Form

Classroom orders will not be taken. ​Going forward, it is recommended to ​order for the entire month, or weekly. A ​confirmation email will be sent with ​selections made on the submitted form. ​Should you need to make any changes, ​you can resubmit the google form. It ​overrides any previous submissions. ​Cutoff is on Fridays at  6pm.

Click/tap for Stevenson’s December’s Menu.



Lunch is ordered electronically every ​morning by the students in their ​homeroom. All students will be shown ​and taught how to do so during the first​ few days of school. Please be advised ​that the oven in Churchill is no longer ​operable. We are actively working with ​the BOE and vendors to expedite the ​purchase, delivery, and installation to ​replace with a new oven. In the ​meantime, Maschio’s has assured us that ​they will offer the very best options ​given the limitations.

Click/tap for Churchill’s December Menu


Students have more time to eat.
• Minimizes “lost” lunch money and cashier errors.
• Parents can access purchase and account history.
• Payments can be made 24/7 online.
• Snacks purchase allowed on account.
• Low balance alerts for parents.


• Log on to
• Select “Sign-Up” option from the menu.
• The screens will guide you through the process to ​establish your account or click/tap here for more info.
Note: there is convenience fee for credit cards (%) and a flat ​fee for ACH (bank) transactions.
For a quick start guide click/tap here.

Maschio’s Food Services provides Birthday Party Packages ​presented to celebrant during their lunch period.
Must be ordered 2 weeks in advance.
Click/Tap here for the Birthday Form

HSA LUNCH POLICY (effective October 1, 2014)
The lunch policy is on the first day your child does not have lunch money, a note will be sent home with your child from Maschio’s. On the second day, you will be contacted by Maschio’s via telephone, email or text message reminding you that your child now owes two days for lunch. A hot lunch will still be provided on the first and second day. On the third day your child will receive a bagel bag for lunch. On the fourth day and thereafter, your child(ren) will not be served lunch until the balance is paid in full. Money received will be applied to open balances first. Your child is not eligible for snack (even if they have snack money) if they did not pay for their lunch.